Liege City Staircase In Belgium

Want to travel to Belgium, yet the exercise while you are there? No need to register in one of its gyms. All you have to do is go to the city of Liege and walk the 406 steps of the Montagne de Bueren. This step height was built around 1880 to allow soldiers to go Franchimontese the top of the hill, without passing through the mean streets around them.

If you are mounting up and down, you can hang on the streets of Liege and visit churches and Lambert’s Cathedral, the Cathedral of Liege, and the Church of Santiago. St. Lambert’s tomb is actually in the cathedral of Liege, while the Archéoforum, an archaeological site is located in the old cathedral of St. Lambert.

Tourists also like to see the staircase that is in front of City Hall. This statue is the symbol of the city, and what used to be the symbol of justice.

Besides these, museums can also be found in Liege. They are the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Museum of Walloon Life, the Curtius Museum and the Museum of Walloon Art and Religious Art.

Puppet shows are also popular in Liege, as it shows the statue known for its celebration Tchantchès Le Quinze Août in August. Legend has it that this puppet folklore appeared at the time of Charlemagne, and was very stubborn and rebellious.

On the outskirts of Liege is a small village called Blegny when the grounds of a former coal mine is located. These coal mines have been closed, but tourists still visit the area very interesting for tourists.