A Brief Introduction About Jordan The Country In Middle East

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Jordan Flag Jordan Map
Jordan Flag Jordan Map

The city of Petra, seems to be the beginning and end of a magical journey in Jordan for many visitors. In fact, the Nabatean city of Petra is so spectacular that is known not only in Jordan but throughout the Middle East. This show is something you should not miss if visiting this country. Can easily compete with other places in the area known as Angkor Wat and Machu Picchu to be most spectacular in the world. This “lost city”, was found obviously for those who appreciate the beauty when they see it.

What many tourists do not know, however, there is more to see in Jordan more than Petra. Do you know that the river where Jesus was baptized in Jordan? Are also in this country is the mountain where Moses stood up and put your eyes on the Promised Land. The fortress where John the Baptist was beheaded in Jordan. If you think you’re going to imagine the biblical past to see the ruins in Jordan, think again. This is because what you see are real live people who dress in robes and grazing are the flocks of sheep in the wilderness like what was described in the Bible.

Many other cities in ruins, desert fortresses and castles of the Crusaders will definitely attract visitors to return or recommend a visit to Jordan to other friends and family. Its capital, Amman, is a modern city. You do not think you are in a country of many ancient ruins found in the Bible. The people of Jordan will welcome you with open arms and warmth. For those who may be thinking that the Middle East is full of countries at war, then you should know that Jordan is probably the most stable and safest in the region.