Los Angeles Union Center For the Arts USA

A trip to downtown Los Angeles will make you feel as though you’ve taken a vacation in Mexico, Japan and China. Over the years, immigrants and local people, especially artists alike have come to the downtown area of ​​Los Angeles, transforming it into a business, art and entertainment center. The area continues to attract tourists and locals through its entertainment venues, art galleries, and more. Visitors to the area you want a sample of Asian American art can venture out to Little Tokyo, Los Angeles Union Center for the Arts.

Found in the extreme northwest of the Little Tokyo Historic District, Union Center is famous for hosting three major arts organizations: the East and West players, Visual Communication, and LA Artcore. The present building of Union Center was once known as Union Church and served as the primary basis of a Japanese Christian congregation in America. The building was completed in 1923, but the structure was damaged during the Northridge earthquake in 1994. The building underwent a $ 3.5 million renovation and was renamed as the Union Center for the Arts.

Part of the reason why Asian culture continues to flourish in the area due to the efforts of several organizations dedicated to preserving and promoting the unique blend of American culture in Asia. The country’s premier Asian American film, players from the East and West, continue to enjoy great popularity and support of its audiences in Asia and Asia-that no troops to the Central Union for their actions. Another important arts organization dedicated to promoting Visual Communication similar or simply known as VC.

The group promotes its ideals through productions and exhibitions that are in the Union Center. Finally there is the Artcore Los Angeles, a technical institution known efforts of adventure in the realm of arts and promotes cultural diversity of the city through works of art exhibited in the gallery of Union Center.